Blog Reviews

I will periodically review blogs and provide links to them from here. Since blogs come and go so quickly, this page may grow stale. I’ll try to keep the freshest content closer to the top of the list and the older material will fall to the bottom. It’s really more of a “blog roll” than a series of “blog reviews” but I may review blogs from time to time if it is a useful thing to do.

  • One of the long-term great impact investing organizations, Echoing Green, has a news feed that we read regularly.
  • If you enjoy the idea of re-imagining how the world relates to money, consider the Reimagine Money series on social finance.
  • As discussed in our first book review, we read the Frugalwoods blog to stay up to date with a family that started out in the non-profit world and made their way to the wilds of Vermont as early retirees. Even if that’s not your path for the future or your jam for today, the blog’s author is fun and witty. One of the great things they offer: reader case studies, such as this one with a wildlife biologist who talks about how to achieve financial stability while leading a life of purpose. Right on!
  • No list of blogs on this general topic would be complete without the iconic Mr. Money Mustache.
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