Giving Back

Some posts relate to the important art and science of giving back. Hey, we’re interested in non-profits and community engagement, right?

  • The first book I reviewed for this site is written by the author of the Frugalwoods blog. They devote a section of their site to the idea of giving back as well.
  • Want to be a little further out there? The Finance Hippy takes a look at what it takes to live in a sustainable way (do you need to be a vegetarian? Do you need to make your own clothes? We say “no” but there are lots of interesting points in this post).

Things we use:

  • Our family has used Vanguard Charitable for much of the way that we give back (in money terms, that is). Overall, it has been a very positive experience. I will write a review at some point of this so-called Donor-Advised Fund service and others like it.
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