Service Reviews

I will periodically write reviews of services that I have tried out and link them from here.

  • The first review is of American Homeowner Preservation. This is an investment in real estate fund that is invested in mortgages. The founder, Jorge Newbery, describes it as an “impact investment” vehicle. Their goal is to provide a good, steady return while also helping some people stay longer in their homes.
  • We have reviewed our investments in PeerStreet to share the experience so far. It’s not really much of an impact investment vehicle though there is a case to be made that: “As a society, we can either continue to build more new homes and take over green spaces, or we can up-cycle and renew aging and dilapidated homes” (Brew Johnson, founder and CEO of PeerStreet). Their goal is to allow individuals access to real estate loans via a “two-sided marketplace.”
  • The next review: Fundrise. We have invested over a 2-year period in Fundrise, which calls itself “the future of real estate investing.” We are especially pleased that one of the funds we are invested in has deployed funds to a project on the South Side of Chicago. As in the case of the AHP and PeerStreet reviews, we report in on more than a year of investing results (a bit over two years in the case of the original post about Fundrise). We continue to use the auto-invest feature to add monthly to our Fundrise portfolio.
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